Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lamb for slaughter: Raven EXPLICIT


He had sweet talk and paid attention to her. She had a serious crush.  He groomed her for more than a year. She liked the attention, she thought he wanted to kiss when he pulled her into the back room of the corner store.

She didn't know what to do with her hands. She wanted love, soft kisses, and slow, tender hands, but that's not what she got. Rushed fumbling, suddenly one leg out of her shorts and he is touching her there! Her hands fluttered as he kissed her; her first french kiss, real kiss. Hurried. Lustful. He held her hand long enough to put it in his pants. He was already hard. She had never touched a man there before. He showed her how to stroke it for him. After a brief, clumsy kiss, he pushed her down by the shoulders and pushed his dick in her mouth.

"Suck it," while fucking her mouth, "watch your teeth.  Suck it."
 He tried to shove his entire length into her mouth. Fucked her mouth while she gagged. After a little while he pulled her up and quickly push himself into her.
He thrust harder. She felt a sharp pain and felt something pop.
Her pain excited him. There was just pain, as it eased he thrust harder. Moaning. Coming.
"Damn, that felt good". He says more to himself than to her.
He shoved some toilet paper at her.
"Clean up."  and left her there, stunned with a broken dream, broken hymen, a wet pussy, pain, and pregnant, standing with her shorts on the dirty bathroom floor. All in the span of about 4 minutes.

She was 14 and he was about 28.

Raven and  Frankie sitting in a tree
Ain't no love, no thought of marriage
Here goes Raven to the special clinic.