Saturday, April 5, 2008

I love butch women

OK, what in the world is it that you all do? How do you do it?

The walk. Head high, shoulders back. to speak. Almost a swagger, but umm, so smooth.

Those hands. Handy, strong, sure...damn.

The shoes. OK, I have to sit down. A beautiful pair of square toed shoes or crisp white sneakers.

The cologne. Just enough to make me have to lean in a little more. Heaven help me.

It is amazing.

Hair that is short, or not. Creased jeans, or maybe not.
A handkerchief-- Yes, I said a handkerchief...makes me blush.
Chapstick, lickable.

I just love butch women. You all are amazing.

Thank you.


  1. Thanks for saying so. This is why we butch women strut - because we know what it does to you.

  2. mmm...and we are so grateful. Thank you.