Wednesday, May 8, 2013

FOUND! Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight

 This has been a week of euphoric joy and foundation shaking sadness for the families of these women and for the entire Cleveland area.  We have been seeking them, actively.  We have prayed, held vigils, lit candles, tied ribbons, and then we prayed some more.  This is the first step of their recovery which, like most everything worthwhile in life, is a journey.

   There are many stories coming to light and by the time we have a trial there will likely be a great deal more.  I watched the news in disbelief, crying, and so thankful for neighbors who are willing to respond to a plea for help.  Goodness.
   Then I cried more for all three women, for the girls they were, for Amanda's six year old who hasn't known another life. I cried for all of us who have endured and survived being mistaken for prey.
Thankfully, I don't have to find the words.  I can share Lucille Clifton's shapeshifter poems:
shapeshifter poems by Lucille Clifton

the legend is whispered
in the women's tent
how the moon when she rises
follows some men into themselves
and changes them there
the season is short
but dreadful shapeshifters
they wear strange hands
they walk through the houses
at night their daughters
do not know them


who is there to protect her
from the hands of the father
not the windows which see and
say nothing not the moon
that awful eye not the woman
she will become with her
scarred tongue who who who the owl
laments into the evening who
will protect her this prettylittlegirl


if the little girl lies
still enough
shut enough
hard enough
shapeshifter may not
walk tonight
the full moon may not
find him here
the hair on him


the poem at the end of the world
is the poem the little girl breathes
into her pillow the one
she cannot tell the one
there is no one to hear this poem
is a political poem is a war poem is a
universal poem but is not about
these things this poem
is about one human heart this poem
is the poem at the end of the world

Credit: Copyright © 1987 by Lucille Clifton. Reprinted with the permission of BOA Editions, Ltd.,

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