Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's all about me.

I borrowed this from Mad Hatter,

1. Start Time: 3:45 pm
2. Name: Stormie...
3 Astrology sign: Scorpio
4. Gender: Female
5. Hair color: Dark brown
6. Eye color: Brown
7. Your mood: very good.
8. Favorite color(s): Yellow, blue
9. Glasses : Yes. I need them every day now
10. Tattoos: Not yet, but soon!
11. Best part of your life: I have peace of mind at home
12. Hometown: Cleveland OH
13. Single or taken: taken
14..Sibling's name: Katrina

15. Cut your own hair? I am sure I did as a child, but not a chance now.
16. Did you do something in the past month that you regret? Yes, I hurt someone.
17. Fell in love at first sight? No
18. Skipped school? no
19. Smoked?: yes
20. Bungee jumped?: No
21. Had any kids?: YES
22. Punched someone? Yes, I am ashamed to say.
23. Cheated on a test? Yes, in high school. History ugh. it's why i know nothing now.
24. Been arrested? No!
25. Broken into someone's house? Never
26. Been fired? NO comment
27. Been acussed of something that was not your fault? yes.
28. Been rejected? by a lover, by family, you name it.
29. Been to a funeral? Of course
30. Used a lighter?duh, yah!
31. Been on stage? yes

32. Season: Autumn - I love to feel the leaves crunching under my feet
33. Food: thanksgiving dinner
34. Ice cream flavor: coffee, vanilla bean
35. Fruit: mango, peaches
36. Candy/chocolate: dark chocolate kisses since i got a bag full on my b-day
37. Breakfast: french toast or an omelet
38. Person: my Jada Rose
39. Book: there are so many. Zami! A new spelling of my name by Audre Lorde, all of Audre Lorde's poetry,and anything by Zora Neale Hurston, J. California Cooper, Yusef Komunyakaa (poet), and Alice Walker. That's just off the top of my head.
40. Weather: Sunny, warm or crisp fall days
41. Song: Ravel's Bolero and Not Like Crazy by Jill Scott
42. River: No favourite, all water flowing is beautiful and peaceful to me
43 State/City: sanfran california
44. Place: at the lake sitting in the sun, in bed, anywhere I can be at peace
45. Sport to watch on TV : football, golf, tennis, gymnastics
46. Spot to be kissed: On my neck from behind
47. Computer site: blogspot, overstock
48. Movie: the color purple, it's a wonderful life, wizard of oz
49. Disney movie: good question...the lion king
50. Disney princess: i'm still waiting for one that resembles my beautiful Jada
51. Place(s) to eat out: Winking Lizard, Waterstreet, Diana's
52. Name(s) for a son: Miles, Malcolm, Christopher, William
53. Name(s) for a daughter: Jessica, Charlotte, Zoe

54. Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream? Vanilla, more specifically vanilla bean
55. Alcoholic or non? depends on the moment and whether i'm at work.
56. Long relationships or one-night stands? Long relationships
57. Dogs or cats? i like both but have a soft spot for cats...
58. Scary movies or comedies? Comedies
59. TV or the computer? Computer
60. Croutons or bacon bits? Croutons
61. Books or magazines? both

62. Mexicans: Anasazi and beautiful history of Teotihuacan
63. School: let me out!
64. Car: porche
65. Cows: steak
66. Canadians: molson's ice
67. Mouse: kill it
68. Hand: lover (Freudian huh...)

69. Talked on the phone? everyday
70. Watched a movie? yes on thanksgiving
72. Smoked? yes
73. Drank a glass of water? yes
74. Used drugs? does ibuprofen count
75. Read a book or magazine? yes
76. Watched TV? Yep
77. Looked in the mirror? Yeah
78. Taken a shower? yes
79. Taken a picture? no
80. Listened to music? of course
81.Told someone you love them? absolutely
82.Time: 04.29pm

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