Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michael Richards apologizes for racist tirade

I watched Michael Richards as if viewing a very bad, old movie. It's shocking that he felt justified and funny, in a twisted sense, to watch him completely reveal himself.

He must have been sipping on some Mel Gibson juice before the show?

What could be worse than his tirade?

Surely you all heard his tired apology. Actually, Tyler Perry's Madea would call it an 'apololie', he doesn't mean it. He is apologizing because he got caught.

He could hear Letterman's audience laughing, but I would be willing to bet he still cannot understand why. This comedic actor, whose career was solidified by understanding the power of timing and the meaning of a well worded phrase, does not have a clue.

See, there was the awkward way 'Afro-Americans' crashed through his tissue-thin apology. If he knows about Johari's Window, someone could explain to him that this is one of those things that others know, but he doesn't.

How long has it been since we were 'Afro-Americans'? Is it just me, or does that smack of someone not accustomed to saying anything more polite than 'blacks'?

There is no way to explain away that sort of tirade. That was not a matter of losing one's temper, it wasn't just a rage. That was hate. That was his heart speaking it's truth.

Comedians deal with hecklers as often as they take the stage. There are ways to handle hecklers. He could have stood there and talked about the guy, his mother, or anything.

What he chose to do was talk about lynching, call him nigger several times, and among other things justified his rage by saying 'that's what happens when you interrupt a white man'.

See, I never knew that.

That is the world according to Michael Richards.


Poor Jerry Seinfeld. Talk about timing. Just as he's promoting the release Seinfeld's season 7, this happens. And, to make it worse, that apology was like something out of the Murphy's Law rule book.

What could Jerry do?

His hands are tied!

No matter how much he wanted to, he could never come out and say "Hey, he's an asshole, and needs to get himself together!"

Season 7, HELLO!!! Time to make more money! You've got to go the apology route. But it seems to me that of the whole cast, Michael is the one most counting on those sales.


If this doesn't work, wait for the rehab spin. That is a last ditch effort.



  1. That kind of outburst doesn't "just happen". If you don't already harbor those thoughts and feelings, you'll not going to suddenly become a racist. We're seeing who he really is.

    He's sorry that he got caught and that's all he's sorry for. Comedian Paul Monney said that he'd like to see Richards try that "act" at the Apollo and see how he'd fare.

    His career is in more jeopardy than Mel Gibson's because his tirade was caught on tape, and he is a one-time sitcom star who seems to be a one-trick pony. He'd better hope that he invested his "Seinfeld" earnings very well.

  2. Yes, Kelly, he is worse off than Mel because Seinfeld is his claim to fame.

    This is going to sound strange, but I am glad he came out, so to speak. I would rather know where he is coming from.

  3. To the hate-mongering anonymous troll:

    oh, hate will not be spoken here.

    If you subscribe to the clan's point of view, there are tons of places for you; this is not one of them.

    I will not post your hate speak, or links.

    It is unnecessary.

    Quite frankly, I would think that anyone who spewed as much hate as you do would be welcome, but his being Jewish ruins it all.