Monday, December 11, 2006

...ok, the truth is I don't care for this season

Truth be told, I cringe when it comes to Christmas.

Hold on! Don't rush to judgement.

I love Christmas. The decorations, food, spending time with family, contemplating what is important and meaningful, and honestly being thankful for Jesus' birth. I love it.

But, I hate shopping and just dealing with people in general. People can be so mean this time of year.

Really, people will push you down and walk on you to get to an Elmo who will laugh!

People are in such a hurry to spend money that they don't recall the reason for the celebrating.

Yes, I guess that is corny. I really love the spirit of the season.

My favorite Christmas carol as a child was The Little Drummer Boy. Still is.

Simple and beautiful. The finest gift we give is of the heart.

Don't get me wrong ,I don't live in a bubble. I am a gadget geek, on a new homeowners budget. I have my own Christmas wish list. I will go and stand in line for those things that my beloveds desire.

But, Christmas shopping leaves me cold.

I understand why we all do it. We love our families and this is that time of year when we say to one another 'Hey, you are loved and deserving just because you are'.

We focus in on getting them the best. That perfect gift.

I understand.

But shopping makes me cringe. Mean people make me sad. Rude people make me very angry!

oh, well, I guess I will just have to make sure to put on my favorite Christmas CD and keep a song in my heart while I try to find that obscure movie or stand in line for the game console that everybody wants but there are only 100 being sold in the country.


  1. I hear you, Storm. I did most of my shopping online this year and it's helped my mood quite a bit. The times I did venture out to the mall, I made it quick and I shopped before and just after Thanksgiving. Now, I'm done and can relax and watch all the Christmas DVDs and listen to "Ella Wishes You a Swingin' New Year" in a calm mood.

    People are totally focused on getting what they need at any cost and not pausing to think about the meaning behind Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or the Solstice.

    Hang in there and good luck on finishing up your shopping.

  2. storm,
    i totally get it. i am not a shopper and while i like some things, i'd much rather have friends hug me and tell me they love me. i don't NEED Stuff. know what i mean.

  3. Kelly,
    I need luck and maybe a drink would help me relax.

    YOU ARE DEAD ON! Let me know you love me, hug me, take me out for coffee (but not to that place you've been having trouble with). Let me know that you know who I am and appreciate that.