Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well, I had myself psyched to go to Columbus to test, but Mother Nature decides "Hey,Cleveland hasn't had a blizzard since 1993? Where's my head; well they are overdue. "
And here comes the snow!

Columbus is a 2 to 2 1/2 hour ride. I figured I would give myself 3 hours to get there and another 30 minutes to find my way around the maze of one-way streets.

I knew that Cleveland would have snow on my return trip. I checked, on a whim, Columbus' forecast. Well, they have a snowstorm coming up from the south. So, I would drive into their snowstorm and come back all the way with snow.

I debated, but decided not to go. I could just imagine my little car slipping and sliding all the way around Columbus and the entire 130 miles back to Cleveland. No, thanks.

Columbus ended up shutting down their highways at about 1 pm, or so. Just about the time my test was due to end.

I'm a little bummed, but not too much.

I hate winter.

I came out of my house today and there was snow up to my knee. The drifts were up to my hip. We got about 22 to 25 inches of snow. This is inhumane. Right now it's 2 degrees, -19 degrees with the windchill.


I want to live somewhere that doesn't concern itself with 'windchill'!

Ugh! And sometimes we even get snow in April.


  1. You have my condolences. I never knew what windchill was until I moved to Massachusetts. I hope this weather nonsense stops soon for you, Storm.

  2. Boy do I hear you. We got 17" (Indiana)of snow and now we're back to deep freeze again. And the windchill, Ug!

  3. come to the uk for the winter, we have three or four flakes of snow and the whole country comes to a stop !!
    its great no work, plenty of coffee

  4. sorry for the slow response, I needed to defrost myself. I am much better now.

    it's kind of funny. I compare us to abused children. As soon as the temperature is UP to 20 or 25 after a week of 0 or -2, we walk around with our coats open, smiling and saying things like 'oh, it's not so bad today'. It's crazy.

    Kel, thanks for warm thoughts.

    Zoe, deep freeze is right. It helps knowing I am not alone. Hope you are able to dig out soon. Stay warm.

    het, Now that sounds like the place for me. Few snowflakes and plenty of coffee--perfection.