Monday, March 5, 2007

Can Somebody PLEASE....

shut this B!%@H up?

And couldn't you just imagine the conversations, on both sides, after this photo was taken?

I didn't think anyone could make Sharpton look good to me, but here it is. Never say never.

If you are unfamiliar with Ann, she is...

she is the Conservative Jerry Springer.
she is a hate mongering shrew.
she is nearly indescribable.
she is probably my polar opposite.

I am able to find things for which I am grateful everywhere.


10 March 2007 0105 hrs
Ok. I cannot hold this anymore. This is what I really think of Ann Coulter. She reminds me of the female supremacists who are vicious and ignorant. She is a huge test for me. I have to battle myself to not hate her. Oh, vile dark creature of the night, I do believe she has a special place in hell reserved just for her kind.


  1. Well, you saw more positive in her than I ever could. She just needs to fade away into the background, IMO.

  2. i really bite my tongue where she is concerned. to say that she infuriates me is an understatement. I couldn't write what I really think of her b/c it is just so very ugly.