Friday, May 25, 2007

what a day

Well, I was right to be concerned about the baby. She was diagnosed with intussusception. It's crazy, tuesday she began to feel better. Then today she was sick again. Pobrecita, she was miserable. Would not keep liquids; dehydrated; restless.

I had to insist that the doctors really look at her. She just seemed content while sitting on my lap, but she was really lethargic.

The radiologist was able to correct the problem. She has perked up considerably. She's in the hospital overnight (which I hate).

She will come home tomorrow.


  1. Oh poor little thing! Sorry she's so sick, but good for you for insisting the doctor really look at her.

  2. Thanks Sassy. She is not quite back to being her normal busy self. I felt so bad for her. Hopefully we are done with all of this.

  3. How horribly scary that must have been. And like sassy said, kudos to you for insisting on more.

    (((You are all in my thoughts.)))

  4. thank you so much. it was terrifying. it's not like a 9 month old is going to tell you what's going on. At the same time, it reassured me that I do know her and we have a phenomenal bond. I am glad we caught it. Now she needs to get over her virus. Poor baby.

  5. OMG, she is so freaking adorable! Good to hear she's doing better.

  6. Thank you...yeah I think she's BEAUTIFUL. But I am a bit biased.