Monday, May 21, 2007

Where I am right this moment...

I just finished a light lunch of tuna salad, wasa crisps, raspberries, a cup of coffee and water. I feel good.

I am writing and that makes me happy.

I am concerned about Jada; she's sick today. First time really and she's limp and pathetic.

I am lonely and not calling anyone. So, I must not be too lonely.

I have not been sleeping properly for the last week or so. Hope this passes soon, its been a while since I have had insomnia.

I have cooked my dinner for work tonight: mixed greens salad w/turkey, onion, carrot and tomato, home-made lentil soup, raspberries, and strawberries.

I have lost about 9 pounds in the past 3 weeks.

And, right now I am feeling fine.


  1. I guess you love rasberries? Sounds good storm, hope it continues for you!

  2. Hope little Jada perks up soon!

    Congrats on the wt loss and the feelin' fine.

  3. thanx ladies!

    I love fresh fruit,especially raspberries and strawberries.

    Jada had a virus. She's finally drinking and eating again. It's been since Sunday so I am very relieved.

    The feelin' fine is really a great place. Even the weight loss is secondary, maybe even tertiary--behind the writing.

    Spring is wonderful.