Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is my favorite part of Cuyahoga Valley National Park

It is called Brandywine Falls. It is calming, peaceful and relaxing to be in this valley, listening to the powerful water.

My heart is heavy for the family of Jessie Marie Davis. May they eventually find peace.


  1. Oh that spot looks just beautiful!

  2. I can hear that waterfall all the way over here....
    I hope you are keeping well and not working too hard !
    have fun
    ciao4now xx

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  4. first of all, I offer my heartfelt apologies for not responding at all.

    It is gorgeous. The reason I posted it is because this is the spot where they found the pregnant woman who was missing for more than a week in nearby Akron Ohio. I love our parks here and it just upset me to have the horrible image of her grave stuck in my I found a better picture to try to erase it.

    It is one of the most relaxing spots. The sound of that water is incredible, I am glad you can hear it.