Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am back in school at my advanced age.  The thing of it is, now that I have raised my daughter I cannot get any financial help.   That is not fair.

I am enjoying it though.  I bit off a bit too much by going back full time...nothing like jumping right into the deep end.  So, I am determined not to drown.  Being an 'adult' student helps though.   I am more confident.  I am enjoying writing.  I am nervous though.  The first time I took a class on this campus, I was 17 years old and so lost.  I wasn't confident.  I didn't know what the professor was talking about and I felt that I shouldn't be there.  I felt that everyone else in the room understood.  Now, if I'm lost, I speak up. I assume that other people are lost also, and even if they aren't, I AM.   I am probably annoying to the other students but I don't care about that either.  It's kinda cool.

I actually love all 3 of my classes, all for different reasons.  I really like my women's studies prof.,  she's cool, smart, unabashedly feminist, awesome!   I like my religion class so far because we are reading various theories.  It's sort of dry, but it makes sense and is very interesting. It makes me look at things differently.  My english class is awesome for me because I am learning things that I need to know and enjoying putting it to use.  I sit at the front, and have to make myself not monopolize the conversation.  I love it.  I Love It.  I LOVE IT!

I like to learn.  It feels as good as writing and painting, cooking, creating. 

I even started a poem yesterday.  There's no telling when it will be finished, but I started it.

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