Friday, January 26, 2007

Trying to Motivate Myself

I have been pretty upset with myself lately.

I still am not painting or writing. It is driving me crazy.

I miss painting. I miss my artwork.

I am finally not angry with myself about it. For a long time I felt that I had given so much of my energy to other people that I had neglected what was beautiful within me; and once I realized my mistake it was too late, my creativity had been left out in the rain and was ruined.

For years I felt that I had nothing to say.

Now, I feel that even if I did, who'd care to hear it?

So, these are a sketch from last years life drawing class, two old paintings (Salome and I'm Ready) and one more recent sketch (Red Corset) that still has not made it out of my sketchbook and onto watercolor paper.
I hate being stuck.


copyright 2007


  1. Good for you for not being angry with yourself anymore. I've done that to myself about writing too. Your paintings are beautiful and I enjoy your writing.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I appreciate the encouragement. I just feel so...stuck.

  3. Welcome to the club. Don't worry, your 'stuckness' will not last forever. Just let it be and it will go away. Good job and good luck-

  4. rd, i had responded to this before, but i don't see apologies.
    Thank you. not feeling alone helps. i have let it be for a while now, but i've got to do something now because it's maddening. i appreciate the encouragement.

  5. Every artist is the world goes through these kinds of cycles. It seems like even more so during the dreary winter months when our energy is so depleted.

    Hang in there, cycles always roll on by.