Thursday, January 4, 2007

29th Carnival of Feminists actually included ME...

Oh My Goodness....I am so late.

I have been included in the 29Th Carnival of Feminists being hosted at the imponderabilia of actual life. It was posted on December 20Th and with all of the hub-bub from the holidays, I did not even realize that I had been included. In fact, I thought that my submission may have been too much.

I submitted Last Night I Decolonized My Thighs.

There are quite a few different topics covered in this edition: violence, sexism, labor paid and unpaid, and work/life balance, status and equality, our selves our bodies and our choices, books and history and, a miscellaneous. It's very interesting reading, and honestly after looking at it, I am surprised and proud to be included.

Take a look, read, enjoy, explore new blogs.



  1. I could have sworn that I posted congratulations about this, Storm, but I may have not clicked "publish". I really like this piece and it's great that it's out there for others to enjoy. :)

  2. (Big goofy grin plastered on my face) THANK YOU KELLY!
    After reading a good deal of the others I am completely tickled that it was included.

    :D :D :D ;D