Tuesday, April 17, 2007

while I'm on the subject of idiots....

The caption beneath this picture in the NYPost states:
GOT WHUPPED:Dwayne Buckle leaves court yesterday after testifying against four of the seven lesbians he says pummeled and stabbed him.

I do not know how I missed this story, so thanks to Carla for posting this update. Click on the NY Post hotlink above to read the story.

My first reaction is to second guess the severity of his beating.

Yes. I said it. I question the severity of it.

I know.
"Storm, violence is just wrong! No matter what, it's wrong."
Well, yes and no.

Violence is wrong.
But, see there are some people for whom turning the other cheek signifies an opportunity to punch you on that side of your face as well. Some people are not smart enough to read the signs.

Now, take a look at that picture again. (I 'll wait.)

That is not someone who can read subtle signs, and if he is able then he ignores them. See, there have been enough women raped and killed just because someone felt he had the power to do it.

Sometimes a person gets tired of being belittled, disrespected, and demeaned.

So, he is the poster boy for 'don't mess with lesbians, they can kick your ass'.

I think it suits him.


  1. I think that the pose he is pulling for the camera says quite a lot about him...uummm
    beaten by lesbians... is it that bad really ???

    ciao4now xx

  2. het
    he should hide his face. it's just sad really. i bet he'll think twice about calling other women 'f-ing dykes' and telling them he'll 'f*&$ them straight'.