Saturday, March 20, 2010

Iona Rozeal Brown at MOCA Cleveland

There are two exhibits at MOCA Cleveland until about May 9, 2010.   From Then To Now: Masterworks of Contemporary African American Art features many well known artists like Kara Walker, Faith Ringgold, Alison Saar, Richard Hunt, Willie Cole, Kehinde Wiley and Alma W. Thomas.  It was fabulous.

The other exhibit is Iona Rozeal Brown's All Falls Down.   This exhibit is fabulous!   This exhibit is based on a mythology which features a warrior, yoshi and villains, E.I.N. (everything i'm not) and the hoochie puti.  Brown uses a mix of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and hip-hip imagery in her vivid works. 

I was beyond impressed.  I was thrilled.  The mythology was indepth, the heroines looked like me--curvy with natural hair.  This art made me feel fantabulous.  This is what art is supposed to do for one's spirit.

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