Thursday, May 20, 2010


i went and got a nice big box,
i wrapped it with a nice big bow,
i gave it to my lover,
i gave it to my love.

she put the lid back on the box
and moved it to the side.
she thanked me for my thoughtfulness
and said she knows i tried.

imagine my surprise to see, oh my surprise to find
my love used it to dust the room and make the windows shine.
she tidied up her room and then to clean the car
and after all that work, it's on the floor in the dark.

she used it til it shredded and dulled.  she used it til it faded
she used it til it fell apart, was all used up and degraded.
she threw it in the garbage can, she threw it in the bin,
Now she wants me to show my love, where do I begin?

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